Daily Bulletin

Hampden Academy Bulletin for Sunday, October 22, 2017

LOST & FOUND - Lost & found is located in both the main office and in the gymnasium. Clothing items, backpacks, books, shoes, etc will usually be found in those areas. Smaller items are turned in to the main office and kept there. These usually include things like cell phones, jewelry, calculators and sometimes money. Mrs. Evans currently has the following for small items:
4 silver bracelets
A cell phone that was found at a football game
Lunch bag
Set of keys - they look like house keys
Portable cell phone charger
Maroon purse
Single key with a design on it
Single stud earring
Set of 3 rings
We also have several jackets/sweatshirts and a few other clothing items in the main office, as well as a lot of water bottles. If you're missing something, please stop by and provide a description of your item.

Bates Oct 26 9:00
Bucknell Oct 26 9:30
ASVAB Nov 2 8:00
UMPI Nov 3 10:30
St. Joseph’s Nov 13 11:00

SCHOOL PICTURE RETAKES - Picture re-take day is Thursday,November 2nd.

BANGOR HUMANE SOCIETY - Key Club is collecting items for the Humane Society the whole month of October. There is a box at the main entrance to collect the items. For more information, please contact Ms. Daigle (Room 2111).

ATTENDANCE REMINDERS - Some attendance reminders for students:
1. Students who are being dismissed during the day need to bring a note to the main office first thing in the morning to get a dismissal slip.
2. Students who are feeling ill during the day need to be dismissed through the nurse's office if they feel they need to leave. They should call home from the nurse's office to speak with parents/guardians.
3. Students who need to miss school for medical appointments (or other appointments that cannot be made outside of school hours) need to bring documentation of the appointment signed by a medical professional, court official, etc. Students are expected to attend school before or after appointment times. An entire day of school is not excused for medical appointments, court appointments, drivers tests, etc. unless it's indicated as being necessary on the written notice by an official.
4. Students need to bring bus notes to the main office first thing in the morning.
5. Students who have planned absences such as college trips or family vacations must bring in written notice to the main office in advance of the absences (about a week before, if possible).
6. Students who miss more than 20 minutes of class (10 minutes for 40 minute classes) are marked absent. If proper documentation is received, the absence will be marked as excused. Please contact the main office with any questions.

OTHER SCHOOLS - Students are not allowed to go to the other schools in our district after HA is dismissed as those schools are still in session - this includes the playgrounds. Most other schools are dismissed at 3:05, but traffic doesn't clear until around 3:15.

SHAKESPEARE FILM FESTIVAL - This year's films are set:
Wednesday, November 1: Merchant of Venice
Thursday, November 2: Othello
Monday, November 6: Romeo and Juliet
All shows begin at 6:30 in the PAC, main floor.
Suggested donation for students is just $2.

JCL - Fall Convention permission slips and your money are due to Mr. Johnson by Tuesday, October 24. Please check outside room 232 or on google classroom for a copy of the permission slip if you’ve lost yours.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - Join us on Monday October 30th at 7pm for Classic Repertory Company’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird in the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door. Doors open at 6:30. Show begins at 7pm. This show is open to the public.

Classic Repertory Company (CRC) aims to provide innovative productions that are educational and artistically compelling. Their minimalist adaptation of Harper Lee’s classic novel puts the relationships between the characters front and center. With a cast of seven young actors taking on multiple roles, this production takes to heart Atticus’ advice to “walk around in someone else’s shoes”. How does the audience’s perception change when witnessing the same actor take on multiple characters with opposing views on racial inequality, gender roles, family values and the basic questions of right and wrong? Classic Repertory Company’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird runs 90 minutes, and is recommended for children ages 10 and up.

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