Daily Bulletin

Hampden Academy Bulletin for Thursday, April 19, 2018

LOST & FOUND - Lost & found is located in both the main office and in the gymnasium. Clothing items, backpacks, books, shoes, etc will usually be found in those areas. Smaller items are turned in to the main office and kept there. These usually include things like cell phones, jewelry, calculators and sometimes money. Mrs. Evans currently has the following for small items:
Hampden Academy jacket
Set of headphones - you will need to identify the brand to claim
Invisalign retainer - please go to the nurse's office to claim
An inhaler was found in one of the school's camera cases. If this is yours, please go to the nurse's office
Watch & CD found in weight room
University Credit Union Membership Card - will need to show account number to claim
(2) Fit-bit type devices
Many sets of ear buds
Cross necklace
Infinity necklace
Car key to a Chevy vehicle
Camera remote control
Pair of prescription glasses in case
We also have several jackets/sweatshirts and a few other clothing items in the main office If you're missing something, please stop by and provide a description of your item.

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