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Hampden Academy Bulletin for Wednesday, December 13, 2017

LOST & FOUND - Lost & found is located in both the main office and in the gymnasium. Clothing items, backpacks, books, shoes, etc will usually be found in those areas. Smaller items are turned in to the main office and kept there. These usually include things like cell phones, jewelry, calculators and sometimes money. Mrs. Evans currently has the following for small items:
4 silver bracelets
A cell phone that was found at a football game
Lunch bag
Set of keys - they look like house keys
Portable cell phone charger
Maroon purse
Black ring
Single stud earring
Silver ring
An inhaler was found in one of the school's camera cases. If this is yours, please go to the nurse's office
Watch & CD found in weight room
Visa Debit gift card - will need to show account number to claim
University Credit Union Membership Card - will need to show account number to claim
Fit-bit type device
Many sets of ear buds
We also have several jackets/sweatshirts and a few other clothing items in the main office, as well as a few water bottles. If you're missing something, please stop by and provide a description of your item.

ATTENDANCE REMINDERS - Some attendance reminders for students:
1. Students who are being dismissed during the day need to bring a note to the main office first thing in the morning to get a dismissal slip.
2. Students who are feeling ill during the day need to be dismissed through the nurse's office if they feel they need to leave. They should call home from the nurse's office to speak with parents/guardians.
3. Students who need to miss school for medical appointments (or other appointments that cannot be made outside of school hours) need to bring documentation of the appointment signed by a medical professional, court official, etc. Students are expected to attend school before or after appointment times. An entire day of school is not excused for medical appointments, court appointments, drivers tests, etc. unless it's indicated as being necessary on the written notice by an official.
4. Students need to bring bus notes to the main office first thing in the morning.
5. Students who have planned absences such as college trips or family vacations must bring in written notice to the main office in advance of the absences (about a week before, if possible).
6. Students who miss more than 20 minutes of class (10 minutes for 40 minute classes) are marked absent. If proper documentation is received, the absence will be marked as excused. Please contact the main office with any questions.

CANDY GRAMS - Have someone special you want to say Merry Christmas to? Or maybe you’d like to tell a teacher or faculty member that you appreciate their hard work. French club will be selling candy grams during lunches the week of 12/11-12/15. Candy canes will be 1 for a dollar or a bundle of 5 for 3 dollars. Candy grams will be delivered the week before Christmas during Academic Advisory. Come buy something sweet to give to your sweetie and support the French club!

SEMI-FORMAL - If you would like to invite a guest to the Semi-Formal that does not attend Hampden Academy, please see Mr. Hills at lunch this week. Guests must be in good standing to be eligible to attend.

SUSAN ABRAHAM SWIMATHON - The H.A. Swim Team announces our Eleventh Annual Susan Abraham Swimathon on Thursday, December 21st at the Lura Hoit Pool at 2:30. In our swimathon, competitors see how many lengths of the pool they can swim in 20 minutes. In the coming days, H.A. swimmers will be asking you for pledges of support. Consider hucking fiscal responsibility to the wind: This event raises funds to benefit the Susan Abraham Senior Swimmer Scholarship, the Hampden Academy Swim Team, and swim lessons for district children who could otherwise not afford them. For more information, or if you’d like to swim in the swimathon, see Mr. Manhart in Room #211. (smanhart@rsu22.us).

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